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We now also offer property concierge services to potential purchasers looking to buy businesses or properties in our amazing region. We love helping tree changers escape the concrete jungle!

If you live in Melbourne or Sydney, or anywhere in between, we can help you find your new home or business. We will do an initial inspection of a property or business that takes your interest and we will work with the Agent or broker on your behalf and give you a comprehensive report.

If you’re still curious and want to come and inspect for yourself, we’ll arrange local accommodation for you, meet with you at the property, and take you on a tour of the surrounding areas so that you can get your bearings and see if it’s the right community for you and your family.

We love showing off our beautiful “backyard” to prospective newcomers! If you like what you see, we’ll assist your through your purchase and make sure the property is looked after while you wait for settlement day, or until you can move in!

All legal and consulting work is done on a fixed costs basis so there are no surprises for your cash flow.

I can cook up a flexible package that is specific to your business needs!

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