Duly Served is a niche law and consultancy practice that is dedicated to serving businesses involved in the hospitality and tourism industry and primary producers. The tourism and hospitality industry brings into our economy over $110 billion per annum and employs around 650,000 people with employment across Australia. Tourism and hospitality is a super growth industry and growing!

The Australian Government has an ambitious target to double tourism and hospitality expenditure in the industry to $140 billion by 2020. While we move towards this milestone, the sector requires support.


Duly Served aims to do its part to contribute to that support.

Many of those in the tourism and hospitality industry are large and fully fledged organisations. However, many are small and may operate in the cities or smaller regional areas. Many are entrepreneurs with an interest in producing small amounts of quality, local gourmet foods. There are café owners and B&B operators, moteliers and pub licensees.

Having spent years in the hospitality and tourism industry, and working as corporate counsel for one of Australia’s major attractions companies, I have a good understanding of the vagaries of the industry, and the courage to care about our food and wine, where it comes from and how it gets from the farm gate to consumers.


Duly Served is committed to helping you succeed in your particular business by taking a holistic approach to assisting your rather than the more usual ‘black letter law’ view so that all of your circumstances can be explored to get the best outcome, including taking into account that you probably don’t operate just between 9.00 am to 5.00 pm!

Duly Served can help you make informed decisions, avoid stressful conflict and, most importantly, run a great business that transforms your community.

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